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Lasik Expectations After Surgery

By Kevin Stith

LASIK eye surgery has been the latest addition to the wonders of Medical Science in the vision front, and has been operated successfully on a number of patients. However, just as all the other medical treatments there have been evidences where people have suffered from the aftereffects of a LASIK surgery. While the positive effects are always desirable and comfortable to experience, individuals are also encouraged to be aware of the possible negative consequences after LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK eye surgery refers to the reshaping of the cornea through laser refractive method, for an improved vision. A flap is cut in the inner area of the cornea, which is then reshaped using laser. Evidences show that immediately after the operation a sense of itching, blurring and feeling the presence of piercing particles inside the eyes may cause discomfort to the patient. It is therefore, not recommended to rub the eyes after the surgery that might dislocate the flap and cause harm or damage to the eyes. The vision is usually blurred on the day of the surgery, which improves gradually in the days to come. In case the patient experiences severe pain or other symptoms before the follow-up program begins, which is usually within 24 to 48 hours of the operation, immediate consultation of the doctor is required.

Some patients might also develop night vision and other debilitating visual symptoms such as double vision, glare, and halos. Apart from this, the patient can develop severe dry eye syndrome in which the eye is not able to produce sufficient tears to balance the moist level of the eyes. This might again lead to permanent visual problems that at times require intensive drop therapy or plug treatments.

The result of the improved vision might diminish with age and according to case studies, people might still require glasses or contact lenses even after the surgery. It is crucial to discuss the expectations from the surgery with the doctor and find out how effective a LASIK surgery would be.

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